These are the rules for the chat, breaking these will lead a chat mod to decide the outcome of the infractor.

  1. No flamming, trolling, spam, abuse or other bad conducts against another user.
  2. Explicit images are allowed, as long as they don't contain: pedophilia, excesive amounts of gore, and as long as they aren't spammed (max 1 links for "safe zone").
  3. Chat Mods cannot kick or ban under no reason, or for "fun", and neither can kick users in suggestion of other users without proof.
  4. No second or third accounts for "roleplay bussines" or "ban avoiding", unless you are greenlighted by an admin or chat mod, or under the terms of rule 5.
  5. Banned users can contact staff members to argument about their bans, if enough proof is given, the ban will be lifted, if you cannot access the wikia or contact other users, you can make a second account.
  6. Do not, DO NOT, carry drama and other user-to-user problems from other wikis, in case of drama being formed here, solve it via private messaging.
  7. Denial of information regarding games is to be punished with a kick.
  8. Making abuse of ALLCAPS can be questioned and is a reason for kick, but it can be done in a way it doesn't interfere with other covnersations.
  9. Being a Weeabo.