Rice Fields
Series Monster Hunter
Number of Zones 4
Generation 8th
Small Monsters Rice Grain,


Large Monsters Fatalises,

Your Mother

uranus neptunus


Hazard Swag
 (This is an example, non cannon, not to be taken seriously.)

The Rice Fields are the most Effin' Place in the Old World.

(General Description of the area, without going into too much detail.)


(List all zones including base camp, with a quality map on top, hopefully with marked down gathering nodes.)

Base Camp: Inside a f house.

INSERT MORE DETAILED INFO ABOUT EACH ZONE, and a table to indicate resources that can be gathered.

Information such as which monsters usually roam the zone and general geographics is necessary.

Zone 1: A big open field where the mighty enchanted rice grows hardy and hot.

Zone 2: A narrow passage modeled after male genitalia.

Zone 3: Where the fatalis eats unlucky kelbis and shits them back as kelbidromes.


List all monsters again.


  • Interesting notes about the area.
  • Sometimes fatalis is seen penetrating the crags.
  • Kelbidromes are fatalis defecation.

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