Monster Hunter
Franchise Monster Hunter
Acronym MH, MH1
Generation 1st
Consoles PS2
Flagship Monster Rathalos
Release Date 2004-2005
Regions North America, Europe, Japan

 Monster Hunter was the first game in the franchise, it set the base for future releases.

The game is described as a "Strategy Hack n' Slash/Action RPG", players control Hunters in charge of slaying giant monsters to fullfil quests, making use of actions like dodge, attack, guard and using items.

It wasn't well received in America and Europe, but it was a huge hit at Japan, leading to some Japan-only sequels.

Updated Re-ReleaseEdit

Monster Hunter G, a Japan-only updated version of the game, it add subspecies, monster size variations and many other things.

Monster Hunter Freedom (Monster Hunter Portable), a PSP game based on Monster Hunter G, was released in the west.

Weapon List
Great Sword, Sword and Shield, Hammer, Lance, Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, Dual Blade (NA/EU Only)